Carissa Family Reunion

7:06 video

I am hanging out at the family reunion when I run into my cousin Carissa Montgomery. Carissa is happy to see me and reminisce a bit about our time growing up together and the fun times we had. I remind Carissa of the times I used to tie her up and abandoned her to get free. Carissa chuckles at the memory and I suggest we try that game again, Carissa thinks I am joking but she is in for a surprise! Carissa is quickly tied up and gagged with rope and tape. Carissa is not happy but I cant hear her complaints as I go off to visit with some others at the reunion. Carissa is left to struggle and free herself but she cant seem to get any of the ropes loose. Carissa puts on a good show as she rolls around the floor to the point of exhaustion. I come back to say goodbye to Carissa who is still bound and not happy but I dont have time to untie her so she is going to have to stay like this a little longer! 


All bondage is consensual and storyline tongue in cheek. 

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