Jayme Doll Collector Part 3

8:44 video

The doll collector continues his play with Jayme. Jayme is kneeling on the floor in only her pantyhose, still tape gagged and whimpering. The doll collector tosses Jayme a costume and instructors her to put it on, which she does. Jayme is now dressed as a sexy sailor girl and the doll collector has her stretch out like a marionette. Jayme is then instructed to dance for his pleasure. When Jayme’s initial efforts don’t meet his standards, a firm spanking is delivered to give Jayme incentive. Jayme quickly improves her dancing and puts on a sexy show even while she is whimpering into her gag. Once the doll collector is satisfied Jayme is taken down and re-tied to await her next training session.


All bondage is consensual, and storyline is tongue in cheek.

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